Blackwater USA Inc. 

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Buyback intended for BUSA's Capital/Super Capital production corp buyback but is open to others to use if sold in MJ-5F9 - B E A N S T A R

Contract details

Accepted at MJ-5F9 - B E A N S T A R
X-9ZZR - BUSA Marketplace - BB
QB-AE6 - Auerola's PP - BB
9G5J-1 - Becky is a Star - BB
Q-ITV5 - Etag's and Bob's Bar - BB
VZEG-B - A81 P5M2 - BB
P-ZWKH - The Trees Are Talking - BB
QY2Y-N - Reactions - BB
E6Q-LE - C58 P8M5 - BB
Contract to Towerboy
Contract reward 0.00 ISK

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