Multi-Lemm Logistics  (service provider contact)

Enter url, url, item list and/or additional collateral and/or volume to compute reward for your contract.

Jita, TKE and DEF hauling service. For more information please join

No Containers or Assembled Ships. Contracts will be failed and sent back for the collateral value +10mil convenience fee.

Url --
Ship from MJ-5F9 - B E A N S T A R
7M4-4C - Horde Industry Park
JZ-UQC - EC Medium Ships
BEG-RL - EC Capital Ships
XU7-CH - T2 Reactions
AY9X-Q - T2 Reactions
U-W436 - T2 Reactions
Z-ENUD - T2 Reactions
9WVY-F - T1 Reactions
Market --
Sell price --
Additional volume --
Additional collateral --
Total volume 0.00 m³
Contract to Multi-Lemm Logistics
Ship to Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Perimeter - Tranquility Trading Tower
Contract reward 0.00 ISK
Total collateral 0.00 ISK